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Welcome to ShareBraille.org! This site was developed to facilitate the exchange of Braille books through a community-run library. ShareBraille.org will help connect those who want Braille with those who want to give Braille away, thus increasing the life of Braille materials.

The National Federation of the Blind, as part of its Braille Readers are Leaders Literacy Campaign, has committed to an unprecedented effort to increase literacy among the blind. One of the campaign goals is to make Braille resources more available through online sharing of materials, enhanced production methods, and improved distribution. ShareBraille.org is designed to help in meeting this goal by encouraging blind people to trade Braille books and build their personal library. Frequently, Braille materials in good condition are discarded because a new home for the materials cannot be found. ShareBraille.org now offers a way for a community to close that gap and keep Braille reading materials circulating. Build your Braille library and help others do the same—share Braille and build literacy.

ShareBraille.org is a free service provided by the National Federation of the Blind to promote the use and vitality of Braille. To trade your Braille books or to request books from other ShareBraille.org users, simply create a free account and start exploring the available titles.

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Please DO NOT mail your books to the National Federation of the Blind. The purpose of NFB ShareBraille is for the sharing of books directly between individuals. Please create an NFB ShareBraille account and input your books into the system. All books sent to the NFB will be returned to the sender.

To create an account, you first need to complete a simple registration. To share a book, you must first log in.

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How to Help the Earth by the Lorax - 1 volume Tish Rabe 0 Children Unknown English

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